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10 ways to get kicked out of walmart

1. Walk around dressed in Black w/ a fake walkie talkie while humming the Mission Impossible theme.And When someone asks what you're doing yell "Look out!" And push them behind a shelf.
2. Go into a dressing room and yell "There's no toilet paper in here!"
3. Play hide and go seek in the tire section.
4. When the announcements come on get on the floor and yell "The Voices! They're back!"
5. Have a friend push you in a grocery cart and yell "The British are coming!"
6. Stand in the freezer in the Frozen Foods section.
7. Put a bra and thong in a really mocho looking man's grocery cart.
8. Go up to random people and whisper "I see dead people"
9. Pass out Bananas to random people.
10. Attempt to fly off a high shelf.
moneymaker1127 Uploaded 07/16/2008
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