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One day a drunk guy and a sober guy are in a bar. The drunk guy brings the sober guy outside, followed by the bartender, to a large subway vent in the sidewalk. The drunk guy manages to open up the vent and throws the caging aside leaving a large dark hole into the the distant tracks below.
He says to the sober guy "I bet you $50 I can hover over this hole from the gust of the subway train". The sober guy gladly agrees, not giving a shit about this stranger's safety. At the right time, the drunk guy jumps and is suspended midair. The sober guy is shocked, and decides to double the wager to $100, saying that he can do it too. After a couple of tips from the drunk guy, the sober guy jumps and falls to his death on the tracks.
The bartender then walks over to the drunk guy and says "You're a real asshole when you drink, Superman"
Andyroososoft Uploaded 07/17/2008
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