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Before It Starts!!

A husband rushes into his home one night, were his wife's cleaning and just finishing off for the night. As soon as he's in he turns the TV on, He then yells "Honey, quick, bring me a beer before it starts!!", She's slightly confused but just responds by bringing him his beer, as soon as she hands him it, he's immediately shouting "Quick, honey, get me another beer, before it starts!!" Again the wife's slightly confused, but just brings him another beer.. At this point the wife's annoyed with taking all these orders and bringing her husband these beers. 10 minutes later she hears another shout "honey, quick, bring me another beer, before it starts!!" She then walks into the front room and starts arguing with her husband, screaming she's sick of all these orders. The husband then turns round and says "Ohhh fuck!! It's Started!!"
jakeboggis Uploaded 07/24/2008
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