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The Health Inspector and The Hot Dog Vendor

A health food inspector stops at a hot dog vendors cart. Upon ordering a hot dog, the inspector notices the unclean conditions of the cart. The vendor also uses his hands to put the hotdog on the bun & apply condiments. The inspector vows to shut him down.
The vendor pleads his case & after vowing to clean up his act, the health inspector gives him another chance with the promise that he will return to do another evaluation.
The next week the inspector returns & notices the vendor using his tongs and the cart spotless. He congratulates the vendor on cleaning up his act. Upon congratulating him he notices a string hangin out of the vendors fly. "What's that?" The inspector ask.
"I'm so clean when I go to the bathroom I don't even touch myself, I just use the string to pull my penis out!"
"Well how do you get it back in?" the inspector asks.
"I use the tongs." the vendor replies.
HandCannon Uploaded 07/26/2008
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