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Twin tattoos

A woman goes into a tattoo parlor and says "I
want a tattoo of ELVIS on the inside of my right

The artist says "No Problem, get undressed and
lay on the table." When he is done, he says "So,
what do you think?"

She replies," That doesn't look like ELVIS at
all! I want you to do it over on the inside of
my left thigh" The artist agrees and when
finished, asks for her to appraise his work.
"DAMMIT,..not only does that not look like ELVIS,
it looks just like the tattoo on my other thigh!"

Calmly the artist asks her if she would like a
second opinion and he walks outside and grabs
the first person he sees...a drunk. He brings
him back inside, shoves his face between her
legs and says, "I want you to look at these two
tattoos and tell me who it is?" The drunk looks
at one tattoo, then the other, and exclaims,
"Well...I don't know about the twins, but
that's WILLIE NELSON in the middle!"
VaNiLaIc3 Uploaded 01/22/2008
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