Losing weight

so Greg decides he want to lose some weight. He calls up a friend and asks him for dieting advice, his friend gives him a number to call.
Greg calls the number and a voice tells him that a representative will be sent to his house, all Greg has to do is say how many pounds he want to lose. greg says 10, so an hour later a hot blond shows up at his door and tells Greg if he can catch her he gets to bang her. well Greg does just that and what do you know he lost 10 pounds. well the next day he repeats the process and finds he has lost an additional 10 pounds.
so finally he calls and says 30, well the voice on the phone said that is a large amount of weight to lose, but Greg says hurry up. he is horny as hell. a knock hits the door and there is a 6 foot black body builder and he tells Greg if he catches him he gets to bang Greg.
Uploaded 11/26/2008
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