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Super Heroes

On a peaceful afternoon without no crimes to fight superman was really bored, and he really needed something to do.
So he asked spider man if he wanted to go watch a movie but spider man was too busy hanging out with mary jane. So super man asked the xmen if they wanted to hang out but they were all busy. Super man still wanted to do something, and while he was flying around the city he sees wonderwoman butt naked and her legs spread out through the window, and super man really wanted to fuck her bad. Superman decided to fuck wonderwoman lightning fast so she wouldn't even know what hit her. So superman goes over there and fucks wonder woman soo fast and then he just leaves as soon as hes finished. Then wonder woman looks up and ask "Did you hear something invisible man?" Invisible man replies " No i didn't hear or see anything but my ass sure hurts tho."
Radddude Uploaded 12/08/2008
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