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Three Men at the Gates

Three men get to heaven on Christmas Eve, where Saint Peter stands at the Pearly Gates to greet them. Saint Peter looks at the three men and says "In honor of this holiday season, each of you must produce something symbolizing Christmas. If it is good enough, you may pass through the gates."

The first man digs into his pockets and pulls out a lighter, He flicks it on and says "This symbolizes a candle."

"You may enter the gates."

The second man digs around and pulls out a ring of keys. Jingling the, he says "These are bells."

"You may enter."

The third man desperately searches his pockets for several moments, trying to find something of use, and finally pulls out a pair of women's underwear.

Saint Peter looks and them and says, somewhat puzzeled, "How do these symbolize Christmas?"

The man looks at him and says "These are Carols."
TheTrainofPain Uploaded 12/27/2008
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