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Old Ladys New Addition

A 65 year-old woman gave birth to a baby. She is discharged from the hospital and goes home. Unfortunately her husband, 72 died before the birth.
Her relatives are worried about how she will cope and come to visit.

“May we see the new baby?” one asks.
“Not yet… soon,” says the 65 year-old mother, chatting away with her visitors.
Thirty minutes had passed, and another relative asks, “May we see the new baby now?”
“Not yet,” replies the mother.
After another few minutes had elapsed, they ask again, “May we see the baby now?”
“No,” replies the mother.
Growing very impatient, they ask, “So, when can we see the baby?”
“Well..... when it cries,” she tells them.
“WHEN IT CRIES!” they exclaim, “why on earth do we have to wait until it cries?”

“Because," she explains, "I've forgotten where I put it...”
lorddread Uploaded 01/06/2009
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