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Masterbation by any other name...

Waking the wizard.

Pulling the goalie.

Badgering the witness.

Spanking the monkey.

Waxing the dolphin.

Making drain babies.

Rub one out.

Making some man mustard.

Baking some baby batter.

Jerking off.

Whacking off.

Wrestling the trouser snake.

Waxing the tractor.

Playing the organ.

Personal time.

Punishing the primate.

Patting the Robertson.

Grouting the tile.

Beating the bishop.

Jerkin' the gherkin.

Peeling the banana.

Visiting Rosy.

Beating the meat.

Taming the Dragon

Baiting your Hook

Batting Practice

Meeting with Palmala Handerson
DarthTolkien Uploaded 01/09/2009
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