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Stop sign Traffic Ticket

A driver was pulled over for running a stop sign. While trying to get out of the ticket, he had the following exchange with the police officer:

Officer: "I'm giving you a ticket for not stopping at that sign back there."

Driver: "What! I did stop."

Officer: "No you didn't, I watched you the whole time."

Driver: "You're crazy, I'm telling you I did stop!"

Officer: "Don't argue with me, I know what I saw."

Driver: "You must be blind then, because I did stop!"

Officer: "No you didn't, what you did was slow down, not stop."

Driver: "Oh, c'mon, what's the difference... slow down or stop?"

Officer: Feeling agitated with the driver at this point, the officer whipped out his baton and began to beat the driver over the head with it repeatedly and asked, "Well, what do you want me to do... slow down or STOP!"
Thorgud Uploaded 01/11/2009
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