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The Farmers Daughters

Theres a farmer with three daughters who are all going out on a date on the same night. The farmer, being protective, decides to meet each of their suitors before letting them go.
The first one comes to the door and says:

"My name is Joe,
I'm here for Flo,
We're going to the show,
Is she ready to go?"

The farmer feels like he is an okay guy so he lets them go.
Moments later, the second man comes, he replies:

"My names Freddy,
I'm here for Betty,
We're going to get some spaghetti,
Is she ready?"

The farmer feels like he's okay too, so he lets him go.
The final guy comes, so he answers:

"Hi, my names Chuck..."

...the farmer shot him...
xxErikEhlertxx Uploaded 01/22/2009
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