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Things I Hate

1) Girls who randomly start singing because they think they are cool
2) People who walk on the street and are seemingly oblivious to a sidewalk
3) Shitty fart cars
4) Die-hard republicans
5) Sore losers
6) Guidos who have too many popped collars, are really orange, and who do not have a job
7) People who actually go the speed limit in order to impede my need for SPEED…at least 10 miles per hour over the speed limit
8) Don Imus
9) The Westboro Baptist Church
11) People who pervert the English language
12) People who say “you know what I’m saying” way too much
13) Wiggers
14) Pretentious feminists
15) People who cannot take a joke; be it racial, religious, or just off-color
16) Obese people who actually ate themselves to obesity
17) Celebrities that keep saying “my life is sooooo hard!!!”
18) Posers, especially Italian posers
19) Jingoism
20) People who get an attitude for no reason
21) Young girls that look five years older than what they really are
22) Guys that actually ask to be kicked/hit in the nuts
23) Poor attempts to spray paint a car
24) People who cannot decide if they are gay or not
25) Pedophiles, rapists, etc
26) Hitler
27) KKK
28) Unoriginality
29) Boy bands: NSYNC, Backstreet boys, and anything else that applies
30) People who talk shit but later eat their own shit
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