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A kid was going to finally get layed, so before he went to dinner at her parents' house, he stopped by the local pharmacy to pick up some condoms.
The boy debated a long time on which brand to buy.
The clerk saw his dilemma and said " Gonna get layed for the first time, huh?"
A little embarassed, the kid nodded curtly. The clerk came and picked up a box and said " This will work. Do you want family size or is this your only chance?"
"Let's go with the family size, she said it would be a long night."

Later, at the girl's house, they sat down for dinner with her parents. The father said grace, but noticed that the boy was still praying. Respecting a boy with a solid religious beleif, they said nothing of it. They waited as long as they could, then the girl leaned in and said " Dinner is getting cold. I wish I had known you were so religious."
The boy softly whispered " I wish I had known your dad worked at the pharmacy."
rocky132 Uploaded 08/31/2009
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