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Priest and thugs

It was Sunday and a priest was preaching to a congregation. However, he was constantly distracted by profanity going on outside the church. The priest excuses himself, and makes his way outside to confront the perpetrators. He finds himself face to face with a gang of thugs, obviously not religious. The priest tries to reason with them stating how the church condemned such profanity. Despite this, the thugs told him to get lost, and one even bragged that he commited every sin in the church.

"Are you certain, that you have indeed commited every sin the church has?" challenged the priest.

"Sure man. God sux. I'm sooo badass, give me a rule, and I'll break it!" replied the thug.

"Well," said the priest "the church highly frounds upon suicide.
rockzilla411 Uploaded 09/24/2009
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