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never trust leprechauns

a man is taking a dump. next to him a leprechaun is taking a piss. the leprechaun tells the man i will grant you 3 wishes. the man says "ok, i want a big house" leprechaun "ok when you go home youre house will be replaced by a huge mansion" the man "kool, now i want a hot chick" "done, when you go home your wife will be a really hot model" the man " awesome. now i want a pot of gold" leprechaun "ok but youll have to let me screw you in the butt first" the man thinks about it. then finally agrees. the leprechaun does his business with the man. when he finishes he tells the man "dude. im not a leprechaun"
boricuaboy1 Uploaded 10/14/2009
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