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So-called "celebrities" that need a good lead-pipe head-bashing

1. Judd Apatow
3. Judd Apatow…again
4. Ashley Simpson
5. Kanye West
6. Miley Cyrus
7. Paris Hilton
8. The Progressive Insurance woman
9. Lyndsay Lohan
10. Tara Reid
11. Judd Apatow…yep
12. Billy Ray Cyrus
13. Hanna Montana
14. The formulated-mass-music industry executives responsible for Hanna Montana
15. The entire cast of Superbad…and its producer……..
16. DL Hughley for Soulplane
17. The writers responsible for Halle Berry’s terrible movie lines; see “The Last Boyscout” and “X-Men”
18. Ryan Phillippe for 87 minutes of dreg-level “acting” in Five Fingers
19. Dora the Retardo
20. More crappy acting from Colin Farrell in Pride and Glory. Damn it, people! Do some research before you take on a different accent! Cripes!
21. Every Batman sequel
22. The asswipes responsible for the fourth Die Hard
23. George Lucus for I, II, III
24. Steven Spielberg for…WHATEVER that last one was supposed to be. Quit while you’re ahead, jerkoffs…or ELSE!
25. The wackos responsible for Mr. & Mrs. Smith
26. The pricks who ran Dave Chappelle into the ground
27. Shia Labeouf, again for good measure!
28. Jane Fonda…you know why…
29. J Lo the Job Blow
30. Ben Assfleck

If I think of any more, I'll re-upload. If you think of any yourself (and not me, jackass), leave it in the comments and I'll re-upload with credits to you, e.g.:

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