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Rooms in hell

The devil lined them up and pointed at three rooms and said, these will be homes for the next 5,000 years.

The devil calls out the manwhore and told him to get in, the manwhore's room was filled with the hottest sexaddicts around the world masturbating, fisting themselves just craving for dick, the manwhore smiled and said "Im finally home"!!! and ran into the room.

The devil called for the drunk guy and told him to go to his room, the drunk's room was filled with all kinds of imported beer, wines, tequila, rum, scotch, limes, salt, ice, blender for cocktails, pretty much everything. The drunk's mouth turn watery and started crying of joy, thanking the devil for his hospitality and got in his room.

The devil finally called for the stoner and told him to get in, by now the pothead knows its full of grass, so took a peek and in fact it was, full of weed, acapulco gold,
cush, chronic, peruan ALL OF THEM!! this one didn't even thank the devil just said i'll be in my room and closed the door.

5,000 years later

The devil opened the manwhore's room and the manwhore came out crying, skinny as hell, NO MORE PLEASE DEVIL NO MORE I CAN"T TAKE IT, I NEED TO REST, MY DICK FELL OFF A THOUSAND YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN'T EVEN SLOWED THEM DOWN...

The devil opened the drunk's room, and the drunk came out pleeding for water, NO MORE ALCOHOL PLEASE NO MORE ALCOHOL.........

The devil opened the stoner's room when came out like a bat out of hell....

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