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Johnny and 3 little birds

Little Johnny is sat nicely in class when the teacher decides to ask him a question. “Jonny” she asked “If there are three birds sat on a power line, and you shoot the one in the middle, how many are left?”
Johnny thinks for a second, and replies” none”. “How do you work that out?” she asks. “ Well teacher, its simple, if I shot one of them, the other two would fly away.”

“Well done Johnny, I like the way you think”

Jonny decides to ask the teacher a question
“Miss, if there are 3 prostitutes walking down the road, one is licking a lollipop, one is sucking a lollipop, and the other is nibbling a lollipop.
Which one is married?”

The teacher thinks long and hard, and replies with confidence “the one sucking a lollipop”

“Well actually it is the one with the wedding ring, but I like the way you think!”
mattlex Uploaded 12/08/2009
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