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Redneck walks into lawyers office...

A farmer walked into a lawyer's office an said i want one of them there dayvorces. the lawyer said ok do u have grounds? The farmer said why yes i have 140 acres. The lawyer said no i mean do u have a case? The farmer said of coarse not. I have a john deere. The lawyer said no u don't understand do u have a grudge? The farmer said well yes i park my john deere under it every night. The lawyer said no u still don't understand do u have a suit? The farmer said yes i wear it to church every Sunday. The lawyer said well nevermind does she beat u up? The farmer said no we are usually both up by 4:30 in the mornin. The lawyer shook his head...well is she a nagger? The farmer said shoot naw she's a little old white gal.. but the las youngin we had was a nagger an thats why i want the dayvorce!
roxanna_us Uploaded 01/27/2010
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