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The Singing Anus

Young pathologist was assigned for his first dissection. He was left alone in the morgue by his superior and asked to give him the report once he's done.

The young doctor began to examine the corpse. He noticed there was a cork stuck in the anus. He pulled it out and the ass started singing "Keine Grenzen..."

The guy was shocked. He put the cork back in and the singing stopped. He decided to pull it out once again and the anus started singing again "Keine Grenzen..."

Doc put the cork back in and ran to get his superior. When they both returned to the morgue, the young pathologist took the cork out of the anus once again. It began to sing "Keine Grenzen...."

The superior was far from being stunned. He turned to the young doctor and said "So what? Every second asshole is German."
P00KY Uploaded 04/21/2010
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