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Unlucky George

George was your average man. Nice job, nice house, nice wife. Until one day, George lost his job. He went home early, only to find his wife in bed with another man. George was furious, beat the hell out of the man, and divorced his wife. Of course she got the house.

Soon after, George found a new job, bought a new house, and married a new wife. George was back on his feet, or so he thought. He quickly lost his new job, he went home, only to again, find his wife in bed with another man. He beat the hell out of the man, divorced his new wife. She of course got the new house.

George got back on his feet again with a job, house, and a wife. But again, lost it all the same way as before. This continued for years and years. George never understood why.

After years of this torment George was an old man. As he lay on his death bed, thinking of all the times he lost his jobs, wives, and houses, he came to a sudden realization. He had enough time before his death to yell......

McMahon Uploaded 04/29/2010
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