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The Donut Joke

One Saturday morning, a man went to a donut shop to get some food before he went fishing. He arrived at his special fishing spot with a single, huge, mouthwatering donut.
He turns around and casts his line into the water to fish. Then, he reaches back for his food and is shocked to see a fish swimming off with a donut in his mouth. His donut.

Haha? Was that good? No?
Oh well. Here's another one.

A man and his girlfriend were on a cruise. This cruise was celebrating their two-year anniversary and he bought a beautiful diamond ring to propose to her. He took her out to the edge of the boat on a pretty night and knelt on one knee. Just as he was pulling the ring out, a huge wave hit and knocked the ring out of his hand and into the water. The moment the ring hit, a school of fish immediately swarmed around it. When he realized his loss, he found a net on the deck. He tossed it in and caught all of the fish. After that, he gutted them in search of the ring.

And what did he find????
Gods_Prototype Uploaded 08/05/2010
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