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The man and the cowboyboots

An older couple is on vacation in a small city in Texas. The man who always wanted a pair of cowboyboots sees a store which sells them. He happily buys a pair and goes back to the motel to show his wife what he has purchased.
"Do you notice anything different?" He asks with joy.
"Nope." She replies.
So he goes into the bathroom and takes of all of his clothes except the boots. He then walks out of the bathroom and ask his wife again:
"How about now. What's different about me?"
"Nothing, it pointing downwards today and did so yesterday and will also do so tomorrow."
The man gets mad and raises his voice:
"It's pointing down because it really likes my new boots!!!"
The wife looks at it and says:
"You should have bought a hat."
manneklint Uploaded 07/30/2008
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