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A man is stranded on a island. After a couple months the man starts to become horny, but the only thing on the island are boars. After thinking for a while he decides he is going to have sex with a boar. He grabs a boar and tries to fuck it but the boar bites him and runs off. Next day he grabs the boar again and tries to fuck it but the boar tusks him.
So the next day he is sitting on the beach thinking of how he is going to have sex with the boar. While thinking to himself he looks out into the ocean and see's a girl drowning. He swims out to save her, as he brings her back to shore he provides CPR and brings her back to life. She is a BEAUTIFUL girl and thanks him so much for saving her life. She says, " Thank you so much for saving me. I will do anything you want. Anything at all." The man thinks for a bit and says, "Hold this boar while i fuck it!"
tlazare2k6 Uploaded 05/16/2011
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