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Little Johnny

Little Johnny was doing terribly in public school so his mom moved him to the neighborhood Catholic school. After a few weeks he got his first progress report and all of his grades, and especially his math, had improved remarkably. His mother was so proud she just had to find the reason for the great change.

Johnny, she asked, is it the smaller size of the classes that's helping you.

No, mom, Johnny replied.

Is it the nuns? Do you think they are more dedicated?

No, mom that's not it either, Johnny answered.

Well, is it because you use different books?

No, mom that's not it at all.

But what is it, Johnny's mom pleaded. You have to tell me.

Mom, johnny said, do you remember the first day we visited the school?

Of course I do, she answered.

Well, when I saw how they had nailed that guy to the giant plus sign I knew they were reeeeeally serious about school work.
scubadude Uploaded 07/11/2011
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