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The blonde co-ed goes shopping

A blonde college student goes to an upscale salon to buy a wig. The clerk at the counter offers her some assistance.

"What can I get for you today?" asks the clerk.

"I'm looking for a wig but it has to be darker than my real hair."

The clerk finds a shoulder length medium brown one and shows it to the blonde. "How's this?"

"No," answers the blonde. "That's not dark enough."

The clerk leaves and returns with a dark brown wig. "Will this do?"

"Not quite," says the blonde. "It's still not dark enough."

Finally, the clerk looks around the shop and brings back a black wig. It is the darkest one she has and she hopes the blonde will like it.

"Perfect." squeals the blonde, "That's just what I'm looking for."

"Great," says the relieved clerk. "But may I be so personal as to ask why you need such a dark wig?"

"Of course," says the coed. "Final exams are coming up next week and it's very important that I make good grades.
scubadude Uploaded 07/24/2011
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