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By God

A man and his wife attended the church one evening. The wife decided that it was time to stop her husband from sleeping in church every time. So she took her hat pin and decided she would poke him every time he fell asleep, right about the first time he falls asleep, the preacher asked, “… and who created the universe?” The wife poked her husband and he woke with a start. “My God” Right about the second time he fell asleep the preacher asked, “And who died on the cross for you?” the husband was again startled by the needle. “Jesus Christ!” he exclaimed. The third time, the preacher asked, ”And what did Eve say to Adam after she bore him his 99th child?” Whit the needle right down the husband’s side, he jumped in disgust. “By God, if you poke me with that thing one more time, I am going to break in off!!”
partydude023 Uploaded 09/15/2011
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