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Mount Everest

So there are these two guys, ones white and the other is black and they are arguing on what color God actually is. Obviously the white guy says that God is white and the black guy says God is black.

So the white guy comes up with a solution. He says "I know how we are gonna figure this out. We are gonna go the top of Mount Everest and we are gonna ask him ourselves".

So they get to the top of Mount Everest and the white guy shouts out to God "God, what color are you? " And God shouts down "I am who I am".

The white guy says, "See, I told you he was white". The black guy then says "Man, dat dont mean shit dawg, how'd dat prove he white?" The white guy says "If he was black, he would have said I is who I is".
kappakid71 Uploaded 05/09/2012
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