first piece of pussy

A man was taking his 16 year old son fishing for his birthday. They paddled out on the lake and started fishing. the boys father asked the son if he had his first piece of pussy yet and the boy said no so the father says well son heres $75 go to the house get cleaned up and go to town to the whore house and get your first piece of pussy. The boy with a big smile on his face say ok. After being dropped off back at the dock the boys runs home takes a shower and gets dressed when the boys grandma walks. Grandma asks "what u getting all dressed up for sonny" the boy tells her what hes doing. Grand ma says "well hell son u give me the $75 and i'll give you your first piece of pussy and it will save u the trip to town. Boy thinks about it for a minute and says ok. so he fucks his grandma. Later that day the boy goes back to the dock and yells out to his dad. As they paddled back out both with big smiles on their faces the father asks " so did u get your fir
Uploaded 08/18/2008
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