rabbit vs bear

Once upon a time there was a Bear and a Rabbit.
one day as the Rabbit annoyed the bear, the Bear had enough and began to run after the Rabbit. When suddenly a Genie came out of no where and said, "i will grant you both 3 wishes if you stop annoying one another" The Bear and Rabbit pondered over this for a second and agreed to have these 3 wishes.

The Bears first wish: "I wish that all the Bears in the forest where Women". The Genie grants this wish. The Rabbit then had his first wish: "I wish for 1 carrot" and so he gets his carrot. The Bear then quickly announced his second wish: "I wish that all the Bears in the whole Country where Women!". The wish was granted. The Rabbits second wish was simply: "I want ... 2 carrots"

"Ok Bear your final wish"
The Bear thinks for awhile then says "I wish... that ALLLL the Bears in the WHOLE WORLD were Women" At the speed of light all the Bears in the whole world where Wom
Uploaded 09/11/2008
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