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Dumb kindergarden pranks

Tell someone they have "Up dock" on their head.
They will say, "What's up dock?"
Ask them, "What's under there"?
They will usually say, "Under where"?
Hold your tongue and say, "Apple".
Keep holding your tongue and say, "I was born on a pirate ship."

Call the bowling alley and if a man answers, ask if they have 20 Lb balls.
He will say yes.
You say, "Well how do you walk?"
Call KFC and if a woman answers, ask, "How big are your breasts?"
(Some body did that and the woman actually said, "I don't know, let me go measure them.")
Pull one of them Bart Simpson pranks and call a bar and say, "Is Mike there? Last name Rotch."
See if they yell out to everyone, "Has any one seen 'My Crotch!"
davida8575 Uploaded 09/24/2008
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