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Carlos Mencia Joke!

A 50 year old man in Beverly Hills wanted to look younger and got plastic surgery. The doctor said "This new surgery will make you look 20 years younger." The man got the surgery and he looked great. He went around town asking people what they think his age is. He went to a guy and asked "How old do you think i am?" He replied " 28?" The man said "Im 50 bitch!" and walked off. At McDonalds he asked the cashier "How old do you think i am?" The cashier said "30?" The man yelled "I am 50 years old!" Later at the park he sees an old lady and asks her "How old do you think i am?" She said "Well i can tell a mans age if he'll tear up my pussy." He wanted to see this so he did, and he tore it up! When he was done she said "Your 50 years old." The man said "how'd you know?" She just looked at him and said "I was in line behind you at McDonalds."
noobkilla Uploaded 10/02/2008
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