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A man wakes up, puts on his robe, grabs his coffee, and walks out to the street to get his paper. Suddenly, a giant bus falls upon him, instantly killing him. He was a good man, so he goes to heaven. There, he meets God. He tours him around.
"here we have the mormons. They are a decent group, dont disturb anyone"
He says next
" ah, a nicegroup, the protestants. They keep to themselves"

They keep moving

" and here are the muslims, friendly fellows"

suddenly, God puts his finger to his lips and goes "shh" and keeps the man very quiet, as another group walks by. When they leave, the man says " what was that all about?" and God replies " Those are the catholics. they think they are the only ones here"
wadageek Uploaded 10/12/2008
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