Rescuing a Genie

A husband and his beautiful wife were playing golf when the women hits the ball and it flies out to a nearby home and breaks the glass window. The couple goes to the house to apologize and get the ball back. The guy who opens the door says, "You dont need to apologize, but instead I need to thank you for releasing me. I am a genie who was trapped and the golf ball knocked my bottle over and it broke. I am free now. So I will grant you one wish each and one wish for me.

The couple agrees and the husband says, "Give me 1 million dollars each month."
"Done!" says the genie.
The wife then says, "Give me one house in each city and each country in the whole world."
"Done!" says the genie.
Now its the genie's turn. He says, "I was trapped in bottle for so long all I want is to have sex with your wife."
The couple look at each other and says "What the hell we got so much and this guy hasn't had sex for so long, go for it."

The genie and the women go upstairs and they have sex. After having sex the genie asks the women, "How old is your husband?"
She says, "He is 34"
Then the genie says, "and he still believes in genies?"
Uploaded 01/30/2009
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