The Universe was created in 8 Days. In the beginning God sat down on heaven and became what we would call constipated. For the next 7 days God shat, and on the 8th day he tried to flush but the Universe wouldn't budge. So he tried to unclog the toilet. For Billions of years God has tried to flush us, and when that day comes we will all be blessed.

The Earth used to be plain and brown for hundreds of years until bacteria grew from Gods urine. The bacteria grew and spread. The bacteria evolved into swimming feces. It took a million years for the swimming feces to evolve to land. When the feces took to land, it turned into an odd mold which is called fuzz. Humans evolved from this fuzz, and we have grown and changed to how we are now.

God has tried and tried to flush us and he has come close. Imagine a black hole, which is one affect he has had in our universe. God may not want us but the toilet won't unclog itself for us. So praise the toilet the Holy good hearted toilet.

In the Universe there are fungi. Our fungi is known as Earth, on Earth are many types of mold, bacteria, feces, and shrooms.

Goodbyes shall be sacred, for we fuzz shall never know when we will be flushed. So cherish every moment, and enjoy living on the fungi we call earth for when the flushing commences we will all die in a shitty way.

The Big Corn has floated through the toilet since the beginning of time and it will hit our planet and the heat of it crashing will cause it to pop. It will cause massive Earthquakes and floods and leave the world covered in popcorn. We fuzz shall refer to the world as a Shitty place.

Oh lord who art on heaven how bout thou use a plunger.
Blessed be thy toilet
Thou kingdom float
Thy will be done, on earth as it is on toilets
May thy Shit be good.

May the fart be with you.
Uploaded 02/07/2010
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