The priest is very nervous about an important dinner meeting he has scheduled with a high ranking bishop. In order to calm his nerves, he decides to go fishing. 5 minutes after baiting his line, he pulls in the biggest, strangest looking fish he's ever seen. He takes it down to the bait shop and shows it to the owner who says, "Father, that is the biggest Sumbitch I've ever seen!"
"Watch your language, my child," the priest tells the shop owner.
Shaking his head, the bait shop owner explains, "That fish is called a Sumbitch. They are very rare. I've kept this shop for 27 years and I have only seen 5 of them."
Feeling very proud, he takes the fish back to the convent and instructs the nuns, "Clean this Sumbitch up and cook it. The Bishop is going to love putting this Sumbitch in his mouth tonight!"
He sees the horrified look on the nuns faces and explains about the odd name of the fish and what a delicacy it is. They immediately go to work scaling and seasoning the Sumbitch.
The priest is thrilled when the bishop arrives and sits down to dinner. The priest and nuns taste the fish and declare, "This is one delicious Sumbitch."
The bishop's mouth drops open and his fork clanks upon the plate.
He clears his throat, grabs his bible and announces, "You motherfuckers are my kind of people."
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