The captain of the Detroit Lions just made it to the superbowl with his team but lost because his QB didn't have a good enough arm. Knowing he needed a better QB he went on the hunt. While watching the news one night he saw a young soldier in the background of an overseas broadcast fling a grenade into a 15 story window 30 yards away. Further watching the clip the same soldier threw another grenade into a passing car moving at 60 mph. The captain knew he needed this kid so he hunted him down and recruited him to the team.

That year they make it to the superbowl and win. The coach asked the young man what he would like to do, he replies with call home to his family. He calls home estatic "Mom, i just won the Superbowl, isn't that just awesome!?" "Awesome!?! I'm completely upset with you" tearfully, she replies. He asks why so she tells him "Gunshots ring out all over daily, the cops don't bother responding right away to calls, your brothers were beaten nearly to death, and I have to tie your sister up into the house so she doesn't get raped." There's a slight pause on the phone and the mother comes back to say, "I will never forgive you for moving us to Detroit."
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