terrible sick dead baby jokes

(dont hate on me i love babys!)
Q: What is worse than a pile of dead babies?
A: At the bottom of the pile, there was one trying to eat its way out

Q: What is worse than that?
A: It made it

Q: What is worse than that?
A: It went back for seconds!


Q: What's red and lies in all four corners of the room?
A: A baby that's been playing with a chainsaw.


Q: What get shorter and shorter and redder and redder?
A: A baby combing it's hair with a potato peeler.

Q: Whats red and white and screams?
A: A peeled baby in a bag of salt.

Q: What is bright blue, pink, and sizzles.
A: A baby trying to breast feed from an electrical outlet.


Q: What is pink and red and gurgles?
A: A baby munching on razor blades.


Q: What goes plop, plop, fizz, fizz?
A: Twins in an acid bath.


Q: How do you stop a baby from looking up at you with that cute little
baby face and gurgling happily with that little baby mouth and waving at
you with those little baby fingers and little baby toes?
A: Gouge its eyes out.

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