The bicycle

One day a man his wife and the mans best friend went on a drive. They got in a horrable acsident and went up to heaven. At the gate to heaven Saint Peter met the man the wife and the mans best friend. The man was the first to go in the test room. Saint peter asked the man if he ever cheated on his wife the man said no so saint peter brought the man to a lot and there was a 1960 mustang. Saint peter told him this is yours to drive around heaven. The mans best friend was next. Saint Peter asked the qestion and the mans friend laughed and said once or twice a month nothin searius. Saint peter was discusted. So he brought the mans friend behind the trash cans and there was the worst rag car ever. And there were for flat tires in the trash bins. After he sorted the car out he went driving and about an hour later he past a 1960 mustang. On the side of the rode he saw his friend in the back cring. He stoped his car and asked his friend wat was wrong. The man said i just saw my wife pass by on
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