The tale of the Grizzled Sailor

An old grizzled sailor goes into a bar. He has a parakeet on one shoulder and is riding a hippopotamus. The bartender is a werewolf and there is a full moon that night.

The sailor gets off of the hippopotamus and orders three rum and cokes, one for himself and one for each of his animals. The werewolf bartender decides to make himself one as well, but while he is making the four drinks, he begins to change into his wolf form. The sailor, horrified by what he is seeing, pulls out a sword and slices the bartenders head off.

The head, which is half way between human and wolf at this point, flies off and lands on the shoulder of the sailor which did not have the parakeet on it. This infuriates the sailor to extreme measures and he begins cursing loudly.

The rest of the people in the bar are shocked at what they are seeing, which just makes the sailor even angrier. He is so upset, that he slays his hippopotamus with his sword and begins rolling in its entrails.

A nun, who had been in the bar since the early afternoon stands up and shoots the sailor in the face with a shotgun and begins laughing maniacally.

The parrot then says to the nun "I guess he got his 'Just Desserts' "
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