Tom and Mary

Tom drops in on the golf course wanting to play an impromptu round of golf. The golf pro explains that they`re pretty busy, but there is a woman about to tee off by herself, and if Tom hurries, he can play with her.

Tom rushes down, and asks the woman if he can join her. Mary introduces herself, and says "Yes." Well Tom and Mary immediately hit it off. They were golfing, talking, laughing, having the time of their lives.

When they got to the 17th tee, Mary invited Tom into the woods to pitch some woo. Of course, Tom agreed.

When the game was over, Tom asked Mary if she would like to play again the following week. The two of them started having a regular weekly game, with Mary`s special bonus for Tom just off the 17th tee.

One day, after a few months of this, Mary told Tom, "I have something very important to tell you."

"What is it?" Tom asked nervously, "Has someone found out about us?"

"Actually," Mary said, "My real name is Bill. I`m not really a woman, I`m a man."

Tom was stunned and angered, "Do you mean to tell me that all this time you`ve been a man yet you`ve been hitting from the women`s tee?"
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