Top 15 Ways to Improve NASCAR

Ways to Improve NASCAR:

>Make the race track in the shape of a figure 8

>All drivers must chug a gallon of water right before the race starts

>The last lap must be completed in reverse.

>First racer to burn a whole tank of gas wins.

>NO fuel gauges in any of the race cars.

>Remove all rear view mirrors.

>Install a big red button where the horn would be on the steering wheel, where on a random half of the cars it will activate NOS, and the other half, work as an eject button in order to really make things interesting on the last couple of laps. "The Office Max - Easy Button 500."

>Make half of the drivers go in one direction, and the other half go in
the the opposite direction.

>One person from the pit crew has to ride on the hood at all times.

>Winner of the race gets the pink slips to every other car.

>Night time racing with no headlights, while the track only lit by the fan's cell phone screen lights.

>Racers who finish in the bottom half pay for all of the drivers in the
top half's fuel.

>"Thumbtack Night" at the race track, where each fan is given a
single thumbtack to possibly make the fans feel like a part of the action.

>ONE land mine.

>The Ny-Quil 500..need I say more?
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