I guy goes to Vegas and he is on an absolute winning streak. After ends up winning about $5 million, he decides to call it quits and end on a high note.

When he leaves the casino, he sees a hooker across the street just hanging out outside of a hotel/casino. He goes across the street and asks the hooker "how much for a handjob?" The hooker replies "$1,000". The guy shocked says "$1,000 just for a hand job?" The hooker replies "You see this casino, I own this casino because I give the worlds best hand jobs". The guys says "Really, well then screw it here's a grand". So she starts jerking him off and he cums in 20 seconds.

The guy says "Oh my god, that was terrific, that really was the best handjob of my life". Then he asks "Well, then how much for a blowjob ?" The hooker replies "$20,000". The guy replies "$20,000 grand just for a blow job?" The hooker says "You see this hotel, I own this hotel because I give the worlds best blow jobs". So then guy says "fuck it here's $20,000". They go into one of the hotel rooms and she start blowing him and he cums in 7 seconds.

The guy replies "Oh my god, that was the best blow job I ever had. Then he thinks and just says skrew it "How much for sex?" The hooker starts walking towards the window, she opens up the curtains and you see all of Las Vegas in its prime. Then the hooker says "You see this?" Then guy says "Get the fuck out of here, you own Las Vegas?"

Then the hooker says "I would if I had a pussy".
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