where do you live?

It's the middle of January. The coldest one in 50 years (and in
Saskatchewan, that's saying something). Two friends are sitting in
the bar, drinking, arguing over their vacation plans for the 247th
time. Today is the beginning of their holidays, and they still
haven't decided where they're going. Finally one of them stands up,
and says, "OK. Here's the thing. We want to go someplace hot. We
want to get as far away from Saskatchewan as we can get. Let's get a
globe!" So they procure a globe, and placing a finger on
Saskatchewan, they turn it over and look. Australia seems to be as
far away from Saskatchewan as you can get, so they decide that's where
they're going.

So, still in their parkas and sealskin mitts, they head to the airport
and climb on a plane. The next day, they arrive in Sydney, well
lubricated thanks to the bar in 1st class. They decide, just for
devilment, that they're going to fly (still in their parkas) to the
middle of the outback. They want to see the looks on the locals'
faces when they walk into the local pub.

So, having made inquiries, they arrive in due course at Alice Springs.
Leaving the airport, they have their bemused taxi driver take them to
a pub. There, they take a table, remove their sealskin mitts, and pull
back their hoods, and order a couple of pints. Conversation in the
pub has come to a standstill, for the time being. After some time,
and much elbowing, one of the local crowd weaves his way over to the
Canadians' table.

"G'day, mates!" he pipes up cheerily. "This crowd of clowns at the
next table want to know where you're from."

"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan" the Canadians replied.

The Aussie made his way back to his own table. "So, where are they
from?" his friends demanded. "I dunno," he replied. "They didn't
speak English."
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