Moon Knight #9 - Midnight Sun, Chapter 3: For The Occasion

He’s through baiting you, taunting you. He’s ready to throw down. A ghost from your past with an intimate knowledge of your moves. And when he’s through with you, you’re really gonna need to pray to your God. To Khonshu. Because this guy, he wants your A Game in round two. He wants the whole Moon Knight experience. The truncheon. The blades. The ‘copter. The whole nine yards. Question is, are you prepared to bring it? Guest-Starring the Punisher! Marc is working out with the help of Frenchie's boyfriend. He questions Marc about his past as Moon Knight. He asks him what powers did he have. After being hounding with questions, Marc finally answers him. He tells him that he used to have enhanced powers depending on how full the moon was but now he doesn't have those abilities. After he tells Marc that he believes in what he does, that evil must be punished, Marc finally comes to terms with needing help. Just as he's asked if it was true that he hooked up with Tigra, Midnight bust through the wall. Midnight appears to have gone through some changes. Marc throws a weight at him, which Midnight simply breaks in half. He tells Marc that he's disappointed. He's been killing and dismembering people all for Moon Knight and Marc hasn't done anything about it. The fight goes on. Marc keeps hitting Midnight with all he's got yet it doesn't seem to phase him. As he pins Marc down, he tells him how he has to hold back his strength when dealing with him. He says how easily he could punch a hole in his chest. He starts pulling out some of Marc's teeth and mentions that he may have to pay Marlene a visit. He wants Moon Knight's full attention. He wants him to go after him full force. He wants to be Moon Knight's new archenemy. Later, Marc calls Marlene. She knows it's him but he doesn't say anything. She tells him to stop calling and to grow up. In the Moon copter, Moon Knight prepares to look for trouble with one of Gina's kids piloting. He sees the Punisher going up against someone and decides to drop out of the copter
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Uploaded 01/21/2011
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