Scalped #4 - Hoka Hey: Part One

Gina Bad Horse and Lincoln Red Crow have a long history... and plenty of bad blood between them. After getting away with the murder of two FBI agents in '75, Red Crow has drifted farther and farther apart from his former lover and her ideals, but he feels obligated to tell her that he can't protect her from the rich men investing in his casino. She's causing too much trouble for them to overlook, and Red Crow can't stop them from trying to get to Gina. Meanwhile, Dashiel has been following the extremely promiscuous Carol Ellroy. His mother comes looking desperately for him to let him know that she's leaving town for awhile to see the man who took the rap for the agents' deaths in the 70's, but to no avail. Unknown to Dash, who has been ignoring every message and attempt to speak to him that Gina's made, it may be the last chance he gets to talk to his mother.
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Uploaded 12/10/2010
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