Forget Netflix — if you want to watch something good, just buy a ticket on the next budget flight out of town.

Airlines have proven fertile ground for crazy people to express the depths of their insanity. Of course, there was the “not real” lady — but there was also the person who claimed another passenger was possessed, and the many Russians who have freaked out after takeoff.

If you’ve been a fan of such freak-outs, I’m happy to share that it’s happened again. This time, the whack-job is an Australian. Finally, some variety!

According to, a flight from Perth, Australia to Manila, Philippines was underway when an Australian passenger began to get unruly. He demanded drinks from staff, went on an “hours” long verbal tirade, and eventually, slapped an American man. Big mistake.

As the video shows, the American wasn’t a fan of the Australian man’s antics. We don’t know what happened in between the slap and the end of the video, but by the conclusion, the Australian is badly beaten and has been tied up in the aisle.

The American man can be heard saying that the Australian “just made me smash him.” Officer, I didn’t want to do it — but look at him!

There’s no update on either man, but hopefully the Australian man got a stern talking to — and the American won’t have to buy himself a beer for his whole Philippines trip.