Earlier this week, we shared a video of a woman on an American Airlines flight to Orlando demanding to be let off the plane, because she believed that the passenger sitting next to her was “not real.”

“I am telling you right now, that *expletive* back there is not real," she said.  “And you can sit on this plane and you can die with him or not. I’m not going to.”

At first, people laughed her off as another “crazy lady on a plane having a meltdown,” expressing sympathy for the passengers who were allegedly delayed for three hours while the plane was inspected.

But now, people are willing to hear her out, and a search for the man’s face is currently underway on TikTok. Unfortunately, other angles of the incident also fail to tell the full story.

“She’s frantic and wanted to leave her stuff behind, that’s how scared she was. I believe her,” one viewer commented on TikTok.

“So no one really got a vid of the person next to her?” another person asked. “I don't believe that. There's no way.”

Allegedly, the plane also switched flight attendants after the delay, stirring up theories that it was the flight crew themselves who were suspicious. Some people even proposed that shapeshifters were involved.

“I'm also thinking,” one person proposed, “what if she is the shapeshifter and the real person saw it and turned into her?”

@ufovideostk Another footage of the distressed woman on the airplane. She claimed to be sitting next to a possible shapeshifter and asked to leave the flight. #alien #shapeshifter #airplane #paranormaltiktok #conspiracytiktok #conspiracytheorytiktok #extraterrestrial #footage ♬ Horror train, horror piano, BGM(1230538) - syummacha

Coincidentally, stand-up comedian and actor Carrot Top was on the plane and shared his perspective of the incident.

“This *expletive* lunatic lady lost her mind, so we’re going nowhere,” he said. At no point did he ask to think if she was telling the truth.

@carrottoplive Omg! I’ve seen this stuff on tv but NEVER experienced it ✈️!!! We all are now *expletive* because this lady lost her marbles!!! #carrottop #fyp #airplane ♬ original sound - Carrot Top

While there is little doubt that this woman was experiencing real fear, there is also no evidence that she actually had anything to be afraid of. Fortunately, the plane did safely complete its flight to Orlando, but according to Carrot Top, too late to see the city’s fireworks display.