During a meeting with wind-energy industry executives this morning, President Joe Biden mistakenly flashed a "cheat sheet" prepared by his staff with simplistic instructions on how to behave during the conference, including points like, "YOU take YOUR seat" and to "Limit remarks to two minutes."

President Biden held up a detailed cheat sheet during a meeting with wind-industry executives on June 23, 2022.

Rather than a list of talking points commonly carried by public speakers and executives, the note -- titled 'Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events' -- seems designed to give the gaffe-prone president beat-by-beat instructions on how to behave from the moment he entered the meeting to his eventual departure. 

Biden reveals very specific cheat sheet - Master News News 24

A reporter managed to snag a picture of the cheat sheet when Biden mistakenly held it up and backward, leaving the text facing the press and everyone else in the meeting. 

The cheat sheet instructed Biden to

This cheat sheet isn't the first to be carried by the president; Earlier in March, Biden was spotted with a list of talking points related to his efforts to combat aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin and during his first press conference last year. 

It is, however, oddly specific. The usage of capital letters and instructions to take his seat are... notable. 

And, naturally, the internet has gone wild, lampooning the utterly bizarre and arguably unsettling facepalm by the sitting president. 

It will be interesting to see the official response to this latest debacle, though it's certainly more fuel to the fire of internet debate. And fuel the White House definitely didn't want right now.